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I was thinking to make my own anime or manga character.
The title would be "Music is my life"
And yes, I'm going to make this story in this link soon later. --> [link]
I hope you guys would like it soon. :3


Information Character

First Name: Yasuo
Last Name: Kazuho
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: January 22
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark brown
Height: 173 cm (5' 8")
Weight: 68 kg (150 lbs)
Personality Good side: Careful, friendly, loving, understanding
Personality Bad side: Stubborn, secretive, a bit nervous
Favorite foods: Cupcake and sweets
Talent: Singing
Dislike foods: Seafood
Favorite animal: Cats, Rabbits and Hamsters
Favorite music genres: Romance, pop, rock, drama

When Yasuo was 13, his mum passed away from sickness since his dad went away without saying goodbye to her and sons. Yasuo and his older brother lived together, and his older brother's name "Isamu" [link] . Isamu never cared and loved about him and he only cared about himself and money.

They became rich when Isamu turn to a popular singer but he didn’t mention to the interview or his fans about Yasuo could sing too. The reason why Isamu is popular because his lyrics is all about loving his fans but the truth is Yasuo was the one who wrote his lyrics the whole time and it’s not belongs to Isamu. Isamu also never mention everyone about it too.

Yasuo couldn't tell anyone since he doesn’t have friends. His classmates never knew that Isamu is his older brother and Isamu told him never tell about this and Yasuo's talent. He is the only class who’s quiet and not participating in the class. No one in the class likes him and they love to make fun of him for being quiet. All he did is not respond them back.


Please don't steal my art and thank you. <3

Made by © ~AngelSoulz
Yasuo Kazuho ( Made the character by ) © ~AngelSoulz
Anime style ( Music is my life) © ~AngelSoulz
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November 15, 2012
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